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  • The Ice Halo gave
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  • Built for Safety, Designed with Style

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    halo hd head protection

About Us

I absolutely love curling! I watched my husband play for years and then I finally tried it and WOW! What Great Fun!! But, I almost quit after my very first game!! Why? Because I fell on the ice and ended up with a head injury that turned out to be a serious concussion. I had all the right equipment – new curling shoes, a stabilizer, a broom… I took the two day training course – but nothing prepared me for, nor protected me from, hitting my head on the ice…

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Where Can I Find the Ice Halo?

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What Is The Ice Halo?

It's not just protection, it's an accessory!

The Ice Halo wraps snugly and comfortably around your head and secures with adjustable Velcro closures to provide secure protection if you fall and hit your head. It has been tested and proven to significantly reduce impact force.

Why take the risk of an accidental fall in your curling game, when you're ice skating or even if you're just going for a walk in the winter? That accidental fall could result in a painful and often dangerous concussion! Studies have proven a direct link between concussions in our youth to the early onset of Alzheimer's disease and even ALS [Lou Gehrig's Disease]. The damage is irreversible, the results tragic - Protect your greatest asset - protect your head!

The Ice Halo is also used in daycare facilities for toddlers and pre-schoolers, for snow tubing, skiing, snow boarding and tobogganing, by people with epilepsy to avoid hurting their heads during seizures, and in senior citizen homes and institutions. It's ideal for anyone who fears falling or bumping their head.

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